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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tactical Training Day

The day was put together by Danny Lines of the Britannia Gym and K9 Security Services. The idea was to give some security professionals training in different aspects of their work.

The day started off with me showing some  Systema close protection drills, including movement of people, movement around people and responding to low level threat. This was later expanded into some basic teamwork for takedown and restraint

Danny Lines showed some pressure point work from Aiki-jitsu and how it fits into pre-emptive striking as well as takedowns. Some verbal /psychological work was also covered

Simon Batty then took the group through Muay Thai striking techniques. Starting with the jab, Simon then moved on to kicks, finishing up with knees and elbows. The group covered pad work and some basic sparring methods

Sujay Bholak then introduced the group to the basics of working with dogs. Very few had experience in this field, so it was very interesting to see how the dogs responded so readily to the commands of the handler and how effective they were in bringing the bad guy to the floor! a few of the lads volunteered to put on the jacket and have a go  and everyone also got the chance to work with the dogs on a hostage scenario

All in all a great day of training and it was good to work alongside some great instructors (especially a fellow Manor Park / Avenue boy lol). All the participants got stuck in with good attitude and spirit and all the different areas complemented each other nicely. 


  1. Dear Mr. Poyton

    Sorry about posting this here but I'd like to know your thoughts about the links bet. Tai Chi & Systema, specifically regarding biomechanically optimal / 'internal' power generation.

    Do you have an email address I can contact you through?


    Henry Swanson

  2. Hi Henry

    I've just updated my profile to add contact details

    best wishes