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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Class Notes 14/07/2014

1. Stretching, tense relax for arms, torso, legs
2. Selective tension / muscle control
3. Pushing with the fist
4. Returning the push, feeding off the first push
5. Ditto with partner moving
6. Pushing with the foot

7. Returning the kick, feeding off the first push
8. Ditto with partner moving
9. Back and forth push/punch/kick - allow the attack to land and respond from it
10. Work to take us back to free /natural movement – allowing the body to work without conscious thought or intention / tension
11. Sparring in threes and whole group - ability to take strikes and use the movement, striking with no root
12. Basic pad work – importance of pad holder, movement and different striking methods
13. Shorter strikes – hammer or knife – developing power with tighter movements
14. Striking attacking arm the forward into face/neck/body for strike, takedown or restraint
15. Violent hospitality!
16. The return of Nathaniel!

Class Notes 1st June 2014

1. Breathing
2. Joint rotation
3. Pushing with fist, partner, threes, whole group
4. Integrated body movemement - punching from the feet
5. Punching from the hip
6. Punching from the shoulder
7. Punching with no "root", floating punch

8. Punching with no tension and punching into tension
9.Tap punch into muscles
10. Hitting arm then face
11. Affecting physical and psychological structure
12. Free work
13. Segmented movement - hand leads the body
14. The return of Dodger!

Class Notes 24/5/2014

1. Breathe tense/relax and stretching
2. Ground movement - sideways roll, shoulder crawl, side fall, forward and backward roll
3. Evasive ground movement vs walker
4. Defensive ground movement in confined space
5. Punching with no support or "root", isolating the arm, strike like a "grab"
6. ditto with kicking
7. Disengaging the intent and "invisible" strikes 

8. ditto on the move
9. Pushups with hands in different positions - reinforcing structure
10. Slow sparring - not a simulation or "fight", like learning scales in music
11. Slow work to re-programme the nervous system
12. Peripheral vision
13. Sparring on three levels
14. Maintaining an even psyche - how the ego creates tension and how tension draws attention
15. Whole group sparring
16. Breathing and 20 count