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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Instructor Training Workshop


We all learn how to punch, kick, stretch, move etc. But how do you learn to teach? For the first time in the UK, Instructors Rob Poyton and Ed Phillips are revealing the revolutionary methods of Russian teaching.

You will learn how to unlock student creativity and how to make your classes dynamic, productive and engaging - whatever your style!

So if you are an existing Instructor or are thinking of starting your own training group, click here to find out more details about this great opportunity!

Short Stick Workshop 7th June 2014

Class Notes 17th May 2014

1. Walking with breathing, tense/relax and twisting
2. Pushes / punches
3. Isolating the shoulder vs pushes
4. Selective tension drills
5 Using just the shoulder for punching, standing and sitting 

6. Ground movement - using the whole body
7. Ground movement into "get up"
8. Integrated ground movement vs grabs
9. Ditto vs kicks
10. Escaping from grabs on the ground
11. Punching from the ground
12. Free play ground work
13. Difficult positions - knife on ground
14. Freeplay vs knife
15. Breathing

16. Kitten!

Class Notes 3rd May 2014

1. Walking with tense/relax / stretching / rotation
2. Breath holds
3. Basic exercises
4. Tuning in to partner’s movement – catching them off step
5. Capturing / leading movement and intent
6. Weight shift and adding weight into your movement
7. Redirecting and opposing partner’s movement

8. Slow exercises
9. Developing hip flexibility
10. Using the core to power the legs
11. Ground work, using legs only against a standing attacker
12. Ditto against a ground attacker
13. Working against the knife on the ground
14. It’s not so much training what to do, it’s training how to do
15. Human mindset rather than reptile / predator mindset
16. Slow for precision and development, fast for testing
17. Individual expression according to the needs of the moment
18. Overcoming or working around restrictions, physical and psychological
19. Absent friends

Thank you to everyone for sharing today