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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

CLASS NOTES 21/07/2014

1. Breathing and stretching
2. Core exercises
 3. Pushing with the fist
4. Exchanging strikes
5. Footwork vs punches, hands behind back, avoiding strikes

6. Ditto with the hands clasped in front, use of elbows and shoulders to defend
 7. Ditto with full use of the hands in groups of three
8. Speed work - touch the attacking arm then touch the body/face
9. Pad work - hard hits from short range, punching from the hand not the body
10. Ditto against a partner - hit the attacking arm then into the core
11. Takedowns vs a punch
12. Multiple strikes from close range
13. Draining attackers will to fight - hits into muscles, etc
14. Freestyle work
15. Group work
16. The healing power of strikes!

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