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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

CLASS NOTES 5/8/2014

1. Jogging with pyramid breathing, breath holds
2. Core exercises
3. Upper body work with long sticks
4. Free movement with stick
5. Developing joint rotation with stick

6. Deflection / passing vs one and two sticks, slow to fast
7. Ditto vs punches
8. Rotation around point of contact
9. Multiple strikes from initial defensive contact
10. Learning different types of work for different types of situation and skill level
11. Using partner's shoulder movement as signal to move
12. Blasting forward on the pads
13. Ditto on a partner
14. Sword work as the source of punching work - deflect and cut
15. Footwork for positioning, evade into your counter attack
16. Battlefield mentality vs sparring mentality
17. "Invisible" strikes
18. Taking hits and massage
19. Experiencing adrenal dump in unexpected situations
20. Thinking = nightmare :-)

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