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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Class Notes 15th Feb 2014

Today's class notes
1. Paint!
2. Inhale/exhale with stretching
3. Pushing with fists
4. Minimal resistance to push
5. work from body, re-direct with arm  
6. Ditto with knife
7. Quick response into knife disarm - "hot to the touch"    
8. Knife work pre-contact
9. Three person disarm and stab knife drill
10. Knife gauntlet work
11. Two vs one knife movement
12. Knife vs knife
13. Crowd work with knife
14. Group punch and slap
15. Restricted rolling
16. Partner exercises
17. Don't tell your mum you were in a fight!

Point 7  - this is working from contact with the knife, ie the basic "knife push" drill. However make your body movement fast and small in response. At the same time apply your knife strip disarm work. Imagine the knife is red hot, as soon as it touches you respond fast. Helps "wake" the body up to fast work and you can then feed this feeling / movement into your other work

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