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Friday, 14 February 2014

Class Notes

Class notes  8/2/2014
1. Windy!
2. Stick warm up - movement from wrist, shoulder, whole body
3. Catch and throw stick drill
4. Catch and throw applied to punches
5. Speed work vs one person
6. Reaction work vs two people (non-attachment)
7. Gauntlet work
8. Sensitivity work in pairs, giving and receiving information via touch
9. Ditto in threes
10. Working against two, working inside the movement, re-directing, short strikes
11. Affecting structure through short, deep hits
12. Stick push drills to realx
13. How relaxed you think you are is not always how relaxed you actually are (thanks Bart!)
14. Still windy!

Class notes  1/2/2014
1. Joint rotation and stretching
2. Core exercises
3. Get pushed
4. Pushed to the floor and get up again
5. Get pushed by a group
6. Get slapped around by the group
7. Two vs one - positioning
8. Ditto - work vs legs then the arms
9. Using person as a shield
10. Drop one attacker instantly
11. Guard or no guard?
12. Redirecting strikes
13. Attack the first guy on the way to attacking the second one
14. Taking strikes
15. Relaxing muscles through pressure and massage
16. Forgot to take pictures with hats
17. RP to check the calendar!! Outdoors next week!

Class notes  25/1/2014
1. Breathing
2. Joint rotation, top to toe
3. Applied tension vs a partner, head, torso, arms, legs
4. Stand up grappling with tension
5. Stand up grappling relaxed
6. Finding the weakest and strongest points in a movement
7. Attacking the weak point
8. Soft work vs weak spot
9. Hard work vs weak spot
10. "Double tap" punching
11. Deeper strikes to develop power and impact / fear management
12. What's a picost?

Class notes  18/1/2014
1. Breathe, twist, stretch, tense relax
2. Side, forward, backward rolls
3. Eyes closed and pushed / taken down from sitting, kneeling and standing
4. Stick exercises for shoulders, forearms, fists
5. Stick wrestling
6. Maintaining arm tension while body relaxed
7. Stick movement, single and both hands
8. Stick movement translated to punching work
9. "Knife" type punch and "bullet" type punch
10. Targeting arm muscles vs a punch
11. Double tap! Carotid or mastoid
12. Shocking the lead arm
13. Adding in legwork
14. Freestyle
15. Groupwork at speed
16. The Return of Don, Steve and Nick - nice to have you back!
17. How's the wife?

Class notes  11/1/2014
1. Running with pyramid breathing
2. Changing levels, sitting to floor, standing to floor
3. To floor and back without using hands
4. Takedowns using bodyweight
5. Recap on work against legs
6. Kicking to legs to break structure, relax muscle or damage joint
7. Takedowns from floor using body
8. Changing level to work against the legs
9. Team work, two on one, for restraint
10. Knife handling / passing
11. Knife work from clinch
12. Close-in knife work
13. Group knife work
14. Home invasion - preparation, home security, help your neighbours, especially elderly / alone

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