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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Class Notes 22/02/2014

1. Breathing, tense and relax
2. Freestyle pushing in threes
3. Stand on one leg pushing - redirect force up or out, not into leg
4. Using same principle re-direct punch and hit back
5. The basic exercises - simple but difficult to do properly - the "biting" point
5. Exercises with focus on
correct posture
6. Partner exercise to assist with posture
7. Partner exercise to assist with focus and mindset
8. The application of exercise to work - squat/takedown, pressup/punch situp/groundwork
9. Refined/powerful exercise = refined/powerful movement = refined/powerful work
10. Free work using all the above
11. Mass attack punch massage
12. Chickpea or lentil?

Main emphasis in class was on exercises as more than just a "warm up". Will be covering this in more detail in the next blog and Class Download

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