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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Class Notes 26th April 2014

Today's class notes
1. Breathing, tense, relax, stretching
2. Ground movement
3. Pushing with the fist in pairs
4. Striking the attacking arm
5. Defend and counter in pairs
6. Ditto in threes, then group
7. Use of footwork to break a static grip - move towards the space / weakest point
8. Add in height change to turn escape into a throw
9. Ditto against grabs
10. Ditto against chokes
11. Repeat against moving opponent - same principle, plus capture their movement
12. Very soft work in order to "calm" the other person
13. What is in your mind will come out in your work. Internal tension creates external tension
14. It's what you are rather than what you do

15. Beer!!!

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